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Figure : This picture is super old, I need a new one
This picture is super old, I need a new one

About me

My name is Joost De Cock, I am the guy who runs the show here.

I like sewing and pattern design. I’m a bit of a geek, I love food, and people with a sense of humour.

I live in Antwerp, and work in Brussels, the heart of Europe.

I am always happy to hear from people, so feel free to get in touch:

My goals

Provide great patterns

My goal is to make pattern drafting as simple as ordering pizza.

Get more men to sew

Men are shockingly outnumbered in the sewing community.

To help more men discover the tailor inside of them, I try to:

  • Make more patterns for menswear available
  • Approach sewing and pattern design as the engineering challenge it is

Make open source sewing patterns a reality

While patterns on (my old site) were available under a Creative Commons license, and I gave you access to the SVG source code, you didn’t have access to the code that generated the pattern. In other words, you get the end result, but have no access to the tool chain.

That is fine for people who want to use patterns, but it does not foster a community of people who want to contribute to patterns.

If you don’t know how the pattern is made, how can you improve it?

By making all code open source, I hope to enable people to not only improve my patterns, but also design their own patterns.

Make the patterns accessible to people all over the world

One thing that has struck me as this project started to grow is the number of users who are from countries outside my filter bubble.

People from all over the world are interested in sewing patterns, and I want to make a concious effort to grow a diverse user base.

Help people put food on the table

This one is hopelessly naive, but I hope to be able to help people in providing for their families. I have two scenarios in mind:

For aspiring seamstresses and tailors

In many places in the world, somebody with a sewing machine can still make an honest living. While I can’t help them with alterations and repairs, I want to make it easier for people with those basic skills to grow towards seamstress/tailoring services.

I hope that my paperless patterns will facilitate this. In addition I will also make my basic block/sloper patterns available.

For aspiring pattern designers

Just because we have open source sewing patterns doesn’t mean there’s no room for people to earn a living designing sewing patterns. Much to the contrary, I would like to see more designers sell patterns, and I hope that Freesewing can help them do so.

Here’s why: When you’re selling sewing patterns, whether they are on paper or PDF, people are going to be copying them and pass them around. It’s just what people do.

You as a designer need to make your money from those people who buy your patterns, which is a subset of the people who use your patterns. So you need to charge more for fewer patterns.

But if you could somehow make a pattern that is exactly the size of your customer, there’s no point passing it around. And thus you can sell more patterns at a lower price point.

Raise money for charity

I do this work because I can, and because I love it. I am not looking to raise money.

So why take donations? Because every year I re-donate all donations I receive to Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

I find it makes the work I do here more meaningful and worthwhile, knowing that it will helps those among us who need it most.

For full details on what happens to donations, read the donations pledge.


It’s important to manage expectations. I was once told that my reply to an email took too long, and was adviced to hire more people.

So I feel the need to include this:

  • freesewing(.org) is something I do in my spare time
  • This is not a business, this is not my job, I do this often alone and sometimes with help from contributors
  • I do not plan for this to make me rich
  • I am not a professional web designer or developer
  • I am not a professional tailor

So far the small print.